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Patent Resources

While getting a patent is not the first step you should take it is often an important step.  Here are sites that can help you get that patent.  If you use any of the paid resources please tell them you found them through us.   If you have contributions to this list please contact us with a link and a brief description of the service including why you found it helpful to you and we will get it posted for you.

Patent Research 

United States Patent Office - Here is where you can find existing patents, file a provisional patent, file a utility patent, file a design patent, register trademarks, file copyrights, and a whole lot more. Of particular interest is the Patent Classification Code section which, when understood, will substantially improve your searching speed.
A massive amount of information on how to file a patent yourself and human assistance can be found on their Pro Se page.

UCF Patent Library - We are fortunate to have one of the less than 100 Patent Libraries right here in Orlando. It is at the University of Central Florida Library. Access to the library is free but you will have to pay for parking. Missy Murphey, the UCF Patent and Trademark Librarian, would love to help you learn how to resesarch existing patents and trademarks using tools almost identical to those available at the USPTO. She may be contacted at 407-823-5308 during library hours. Online Guides are also available to help you understand the whole process.


Free Patents Online - Here you can download complete patents as a single PDF file. You can also create your own search databases and download the key data to an Excel spreadsheet. It requires a free sign up then a login to view the patents. I have not noticed any spam as a result of using this site for the last 5 years.

Google Patents - If you do not want to login to view patents try this. You can download full PDF versions of the patents. In 2010 I have found it has trouble searching by inventor. It will freeze you out if you download too many patents too quickly.

Patent Storm - Free patent searching. They provide ways to browse by various categories. You must register to view PDFs., a global leader in intellectual property management, offers Peer Reviewers coveted access to highly sought-after patent and patent-related databases from around the world, free of charge.

Wyoming Attorney LLC Logo

Patent Education - This is a link to a Wyoming attorney's site (acquired link 9/20/22) which has quite a few educational answer links to various questions about patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  The Protecting Your Business with Patents and Trademarks page does not ask for any of your information. It is straightforward and the links appear to also be educational in nature rather than marketing.  The link was passed to us by the attorney who said his daughter put together the links for informational purposes.  They also have a number of other interesting subjects at the bottom of the page.

IP Watchdog Logo - GENE QUINN - is patent attorney in New Hampshire with extensive credentials. He is a regular contributor to Inventor's Digest and runs which has been a trusted resource on intellectual property for tens of millions of unique visitors for nearly 2 decades. Recognized as one of the leading sources for news, information, analysis and commentary in the patent and innovation industries, has grown into the largest online intellectual property publication in the world. This is an exellent source of IP information including patent processing, NDAs, what's happening in Washington, and strageic IP planning.

 Greentree Information Services  301-469-0902 George Harvill has been recommended by the Inventors Society of South Florida President Jeff Christlieb as an economical and accurate patent searcher based very near the Patent Office in Washington DC.  In 2014 virtually all his searches, without opinion, cost substantially less than $800 and some are as little as $350.  These include foreign art if necessary.  Give him a call for free estimate and non-disclosure agreement.

Search Quest Logo -   303-910-8889  - The Comprehensive and Independent patent/product search. The process of getting an idea from mind to market can seem a bit daunting. It’s also a process that can be riddled with challenges and is ripe with opportunity to make costly mistakes.

The first step to avoid costly mistakes that have the potential to completely derail your success the most is the Comprehensive Patent Search done by an Independent Third Party. SearchQuest Patent Search is the only company that does a comprehensive, independent search for a flat rate that includes the uspto, the international search and a product search.

Secretary's Note: Rita gave a great presentation to us in 2021 about the value of her dedicated search service that covers USPTO, international, and commercial searches all in a low cost package.

 Patent Assistance

We have a Feb. 2016 listing of 82 Central Florida Patent agents as an .xls file on our Members Only page.

Bullock Law Offices, P.A. Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock's practice includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as performing patentability searches and infringement opinions, drafting licensing agreements, drafting non-disclosure agreements and counseling clients on trademark and copyright matters. Mr. Bullock graduated magna cum laude in Computer Science and holds another degree in Business. He has represented the world’s most elite scientists, physicists and engineer inventors from organizations such as NASA and the U.S Air Force as well as from an array of businesses and individuals in the private sector. His practice includes representation in computer software, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering as well as a broad spectrum of other technology areas.

Stephen gave a great presentation on "Protecting Your Invention" to ICCF in May 2019.  You can download his presentation here.

FlPatent - The Law Offices of Brian Steinberger, P.A. - Brian, a patent attorney, has been writing and processing patents for ICCF members for a long time. He has also done many of those filed by University of Central Florida. His experience as an Examiner at the USPTO and a mechanical enginieer is a great asset. He gave a great talk about Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights In Feb. 2019 which you can download here.

Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor, and Reed, P.A. Logo

Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor, and Reed, P.A. - RICHARD S. DELLINGER and JUDY SULLIVAN - Founded in Orlando, Florida in 1969, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor and Reed, P.A. is a multi-practice law firm with 110 attorneys. We represent clients across a myriad of industries locally, nationally and beyond our borders, advising on almost every aspect of business: from patents and trademarks to high-stakes, high-profile litigation; from complex commercial and residential real estate issues to wealth management; from labor and employment law to healthcare; from capital raising and entity formation to corporate growth and expansion. Rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell peer review, the firm is a founding member of Meritas, a global network of over 160 independent law firms with more than 6,000 attorneys. Richard Dellinger Biography

[editor's note: Richard and Courtney gave a great presentation on Trademarks to us in August 2012 but no member has actually done business with them. Please let us know your experience]

Patent Applications Logo

Patent - TED MASTERS - licensed patent agent in North Carolina. Utility patents (including technical illustration) starting at $1800. He works fast, is VERY competitive on prices and will monitor your filing compliance, argue your case when need be and be very insightful and thorough in building your claims. He has successfully gotten patents for nearly hundreds of inventors all over the world. (Tell him Leigh Martin sent you).

Patent Planet Logo

Patent Planet - A California Patent Attorney put this site up. It contains many articles on patents and patent law. It is a good place to get inside information.

Patent Professor Logo

The Patent Professor ® is the leading law firm for advising, educating, and helping inventors nationwide in protecting their ideas. Founded and led by Professor John Rizvi, Esq., a Board Certified Patent Attorney, with specialized industry experience, having completed over 1,200 patent cases over the past 20 years.

John Rizvi, Esq. is BOARD CERTIFIED by the Florida Bar as a SPECIALIST in Intellectual Property Law.

Board Certification is the highest level of recognition of the competency and experience of attorneys in specialized areas of law approved by the Supreme Court of Florida. Certification was established to assist consumers of legal services in selecting specialists in various areas of law. In order to qualify as a Board Certified Patent Attorney, John Rizvi, Esq. had to prove years of focused practice as a patent attorney, successfully pass a separate examination exclusively on intellectual property law, and undergo substantial peer review scrutiny proving his credentials as a specialist. Only a tiny handful of patent attorneys in the entire country are Board Certified as specialists.

If you were undergoing an important surgery, wouldn’t you want the doctor cutting you open to have proven their knowledge and experience before their peers in the medical profession?

Power Patent Logo

Power Patent - Ralph E. Warmack, PhD, a Registered Patent Agent from the St. Petersburg area gave a nice presentation to us in February 2013. Click here to view a copy of his slides. It covered many of the issues created by the America Invents Act and how to deal with some of the innovation stifling new first-inventor-to-file requirements. He is also a representitive of Power Patent which is a software package which assists you in developing a provisional patent (of which we all will be doing more). ProvisionalBuilder helps you by organizing and cataloging your information while it does live searches to find other inventions which may compete with yours. It has some tools to help you prepare illustrations and a direct link to the USPTO for filing your provisional patent. It does not think for you. Nor does it reduce any filing fees. But this tool automates what you might do manually to help you more quickly file your provisional application. This is a tool to help you along. It is up to you to determine if it fills your needs. Since, at this point, no one in ICCF has actually used the software we cannot recommend for or against it. Check it out. It may be what you need.

Rapake Law Logo

Rapake Law - Innovative, affordable patent services. Andrew Rapacke, a patent agent with a background in elecrical engineering and computer science, gave a presentation on Patent Law for the Inventor in Feburary 2015 which is a Power Point show you can download by clicking on the title.

USPTO Logo United States Patent Office - Pro Bono - The Patent office has nationwide options for free legal services for filing a patent if your household income is less than 3 times the Federal Poverty Guidelines. That number may be higher than you think.

Miami Arts & Business Council Logo For those of you in Florida the program in place is sponsored by the Arts and Business Council of Miami.

VIP Logo Veterans Intellectual Property - As a nonprofit, Veterans IP's mission is to provide pro bono patenting services to veterans and their dependents. We also provide advice on other forms of intellectual property protection, including copyrights and trademarks. If you are a veteran or military dependent and have an idea for an invention, we can help you figure out if it's patentable and what steps to take next.


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