Inventors Council of Central Florida


Many of you have told me how much ICCF has helped you.  Here is a place where you can let us know if you mean it.  It is nice to hear the good we have done but much better to put it out there for all to see.   If you would like to add your own testimonial please send a quick thanks to us by clicking Here

When I had my "big idea" I had no concept of how to make it into reality.  After finding the Inventors Council I learned about the patent process, prototyping, sourcing, and marketing.   Most of these I had approached all wrong.  After spending thousands of dollars I discovered I had an invention that, while good, interesting, and it worked,  it would not be possible to make money.

With what I learned from ICCF I am now taking a more sensible approach to new concepts.  I am determining if I can make money on a project before I spend too much. 

David Woods, TECreation Development LLC, Belle Isle, FL


I must admit that I had no idea what to expect when I joined the Inventors Council of Central Florida.  You hear horror stories of how peoples' ideas, and or inventions, being ripped off by the very organization(s) advertising to assist in making your idea or creation into a full fledged money making invention.  I personally did my own research on a couple of these well advertised companies.  With overwhelming negative testimonials and pending lawsuits against them, I vowed to stay away from such groups.   

However, having what I believe to be a viable invention and not really knowing where to turn, I read a book for inventors.  The author suggested finding a local inventor's group for help.  Well, I did and am I ever so happy for doing so!

The ICCF is an awesome inventor's group.  It is administered by some honest, highly experienced, and down to earth people.  I love the unpretentious atmosphere and how organized the meetings are.  The moderators and some members can answer any and all questions regarding inventing whether it be patenting, marketing, financing, etc.  They have helped me tremendously with my SAC & SAM inventions and the launching of Peter Love Creations LLC.   Even though I am in the beginning stages, I know I am headed in the right direction.  

Thank you very much Inventors Council of Central Florida.   

With <3  --  Peter Love,


I've been a successful entrepreneur and inventor/designer at 58 and starting at the age of 13.  I had the privilege to meet some local Inventors at the March ICCF meeting this past Saturday. There were several first timers like myself at this meeting. The atmosphere was friendly, open and informative. My project was shared with everyone and the input was very useful.  A personal goal is to learn something new every day and in this meeting I can take the rest of the week off!

I've made some new friends and feel confident that we can help each other with our experiences and knowledge of production, manufacturing, how patents work and guidance in getting product to market. A special thanks to Dave and Ian for keeping these meetings going on since 1974!

Daniel P. Terrico, Decorative Supply Co. LLC,


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