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Our Patents

Many of our members have patents.  They are listed in chronological order.  If you would like more information about them click on the image and you will be taken to Google Patents to view the entire patent.  To have your patent listed here please contact us with the patent number(s) and a brief description.

Magnetic Bladder Cycler, "Urocycler" by Dr. David Flinchbaugh, US Patent No. 4865588, September 12, 1989.

Over 150,000 of these have been produced and proven to reduce unary infections by 95%.  The result is less complication, less medicine use, less expense, more comfort.

Tooling is complete. Federal approvals are in place.  The inventor is seeking between $50,000 and $100,000 to restart production of this device which could sell hundreds of thousands per year if not millions.



Building Modular Framing System, "Fast Framing", by Ian Alexandre, US Patent 6385937, May 14, 2002


Self Charged Electric Vehicles by Dr. Michael Hassan, US Patent 8,220,569 Issued July 17, 2012.

Digital Communication Method and System by Dr. Michael Hassan, US Patent 8,559,825 issued October 15, 2013

High Efficiency Swim Fin Using Multiple High Aspect Ratio Hydrodynamic Vanes with Pliable Hinges and Rotation Limiters, By David Woods and Ron Evan Smith, US Patent 8,926,385 Issued Jan 6, 2015.

This improvement on David's earlier patent uses curved vanes to centrally focus thrust which further reduces the wake turbulence and increases the efficiency even more.

 The Human Free-Flight Catapult, by Ted Weigel US Patent No. 5,769,724, June 23,1998.

The Human Free-Flight Catapult delivers at least 4 extreme rides in one.
You can:
--enter a one-piece pod and be launched into a special net at close range, with the net aspect becoming a ride unto itself; from the bottom of the funnel-like net you return to near the point of origin like a bowling ball.
--use a one-piece pod and be skimmed across the water, picking up a slightly new spin with each contact (you'll be dizzy for a week).
--use a two-piece pod, avoid planes and airports, and guide your parachute or wingsuit to a nearby destination.
--without a pod at all, guide a swing-wing plane to a nearby destination; launch as an arrow and return as a glider.

In all cases you will experience massive but safe acceleration, and in some cases a short period of weightlessness. Certificates of health and at least 18 years of age required.

Drip Collector for Kayak Paddles "Dryak" by David Woods PE.  US Patent No. 7396266, July 8 2008


 High Efficiency Swim Fins by David Woods PE.  US Patent 8,480446, Issued July 9 2013.

Save air with these fins which help a diver use up to 50% less air than current recreational swim fins.  This makes your 80 cubic foot SCUBA tank act like a 110 cubic foot tank.

Petroleum-Alternative Power Plant, by Dr. Michael Hassan, US Patent 8,729,726 Issued May 20, 2014

Golf Tee Bag Device, by Michael and Janet Vannatten, US Patent 9,162,124 B1, Issued October 20, 2015

A simple, durable, washable, weather-proof golf accessory for attachment to the player's belt that keeps the "tools of the game" (tees, ball marker & divot-repair tool) at the player's fingertips for instant access on the golf course, serves as a storage for them between rounds and unites golf and the business community in a powerful new format with logo/advertising display options on the front panel.

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