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Inventors at Maker Faire Orlando 2017 

Maker Faire 2017

Maker Faire 2017 will be October 21 and 22.  Don't miss it.  Now is your chance to exhibit for free in front of 20,000 attendees and find our if your idea will really fly. Sign up here

October 2017 the Inventor's Council of Central Florida will be at the Orlando Maker Faire.

We will be showcasing how inventions happen.   This is better than an inventor's fair!  There will be over 15,000 visitors from all walks of life to look at and learn about home made stuff.  In general the visitors are middle to upper income, well educated people and families with an interest in creativity of all sorts.  These are just the type who would be interested in your invention and how it came to be. 

What is a Maker Faire?

Maker Faires are a forum for makers of all sorts of stuff to show off their creativity to the general public.  The focus is on teaching the visitors how the maker created whatever it is they are displaying.

To that end, as an exhibitor you would be expected to be ready and willing to teach anyone who stops by how you went about making your invention.  Exhibitors purely showing some aspect of their invention process may exhibit for free.  There will be a charge for those also selling.  For those just selling there will be an increased charge.

This is a juried event.  That means each exhibitor will present what they intend to do at the event and the event organizers will determine if that is compatible with their objectives.  This means have a plan how you can educate the visitors on some aspect of inventing, making prototypes, developing ideas or something along that line.  There will also likely be opportunities to do a presentation in an auditorium.

What's in it For Inventors?

ICCF is planning on making market research easy for you.  The inventors will likely be grouped together.  ICCF will have a welcome location where we will gather demographic data from the visitors.  They will be issued identity tickets and entered into a raffle.  Each inventor will then be able to ask the visitors to do a brief survey (5 minutes or less) and we will be able to link that survey to the demographic data.  This way you and the visitors save survey time by only collecting the demo-graphic data once.

Here is a sample Survey Monkey Survey to let you evaluate if that is the right survey mechanism for you.

The Sponsors

Maker Faires are licensed by Make Magazine.  It is being produced by The Maker Effect Foundation.


Central Florida Fairground

4603 West Colonial Drive, Florida 32808


Saturday & Sunday October 21st & 22nd, 2017

Time 10 AM to 7 PM Sat.

Time 10 AM to 5 PM Sun.

Open to general public with payment of a nominal admission fee.


To promote creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in the Central Florida Area.  This is your opportunity to be the first to see inventions before they hit the market.  Learn how to invent, protect, market, and sell your ideas.  As an inventor you may show your new products or do market research with real customers.

Inventors, this is a great time to perform your market surveys.


David Woods, TEC Engineering, Inc. 407-859-8737

Market Analysis Assistance

To help you with your market analysis we will be collecting basic demographic data so you will not have to.  Here are .pdf files which show How we will be surveying at the fair and the General Demographics to be Collected.  Click here for a presentation on how to create market survey questions.  Click here  to download a sample Market Data Sheet in Microsoft Word .DOC format geared toward determining product sale price.

Here is a sample Survey Monkey Survey to let you evaluate if that is the right survey mechanism for you.

 Parking Information

Parking for exhibitors should not be a problem this year since the fairgrounds has a huge parking lot.

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