Inventors Council of Central Florida

Current Information 

We use an application called Slack for communication between inventors.   This is where you can post useful information about resources you have used or ask others tough questions.  It is easy to use and can accept web links, videos, images, and text.  All the messages stay in tact and are searchable until we run out of storage.  Then the old stuff scrolls off.  Remember this page is public so do not post your proprietary information.

Communicate instantly with our members.  Join our Slack feed.  Once you have created an ID and password you can choose what information you want to see.  You can access it as an online web page or install an app on your phone, tablet, or PC for continuous access.
Click here for a Youtube video of the steps that follow clicking the button above.  You will start with getting your email.
Click here for a Youtube video of what you can do in slack.

Email Archives

Below are links to our previously sent emails grouped according to the message type.  Meeting notices are listed on our Members Only page since they contain the password to that page. 
This information may look old.  It is.

Join Slack above to get access to the latest.

General Information

Upcoming Events

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