Since we do not place untested vendors in our vendor lists I am posting this message here.  If anyone would like to try them out and report back to us please do.
Dave Woods (editor)

My name is Michael Ramirez, Founder of IAM Innovative Advertising, and I am contacting you regarding your marketing resources at ( We are looking to announce our marketing services to startups and individuals who need to get their products or inventions off the ground with a marketing and advertising strategy. 

Per the link request instructions on your site, I would like to request a link to our page in your Marketing Resources section at (

Here is our company information:

IAM Innovative Advertising
Establishing a brand and identity is key to the success of newly invented products and services. IAM Innovative Advertising has helped startups and entrepreneurs develop lasting brands and business plans. We understand how the branding process works because we did it for ourselves. Take a look at our branding video ( for IAM Innovative Advertising.

Please let me know if the above provides you with the information you need to review and consider our new section for linking. I can be reached via email at, or, if you'd like to talk about this by phone, my direct number is (512) 903-8044.

I'll be looking for you on Twitter and Facebook!

Best wishes,
Michael Ramirez
Owner/Search Marketer