This came from the president of the Inventors Society of South Florida.

Dear Fellow Inventors,

I have got some exciting news for you and your members from the UIA. Your clubs have been selected to participate in the Miami Telebrands Product Hunt. The 23 finalist will have the opportunity to pitch their products to A J Khubani and his staff on 2/10/12. I believe there will be a product scout there from QVC as well.

AJ Khubani is the man who coined the phrase As Seen On TV and is a leader in the Direct Response TV and Infomercial market.

What is unusual about this event is they are accepting unprotected ideas. They have laid out how confidentiality will be handled in the legal form.

My judges have signed an Affirmation, which is similar to a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement stating that they will hold proprietary information of the non-protected ideas and inventions in confidence and will not develop a competitive product for the term of 5 years.

However, they are working inventors and could have a project like one seen already in development. In this case they reserve the right to continue on their project. If questioned they will furnish proof of the claim that they already had such a project in progress.

To participate, the contestant has to be a member of your group in good standing. Should you want to include honorary members that’s OK too, however, this is an opportunity for you to increase your membership. 

Please send them as soon as you get them or a few at a time and PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute. At that point we will have 2 days to pre-screen them before making our dead line to Telebrands. They are expecting around 300 entries so at 15 minutes per entry that is almost 80 hours. It can’t be done in 2 days.

Our pre-screening will be done by committee and following the guide lines Telebrands has set. However, every entry will be sent to Telebrands as soon as it is processed. Every entry that is not selected by Telebrands will be forwarded on to the Hunts sponsor United Patent Research ltd as mentioned on page 12 of the information packet.

For those who become a finalist or those who would like the exposure I am offering a FREE booth at our annual EXPO “ Resources 2012” on 2/11/12 the day after the finalist pitch to Telebrands.
AJ and Scott from QVC are going to speak at our event as well as Brigadier General Richard Yules who is half of the selection committee for New World Angels and Steven Greenburg author of Gadget Nation and TV celebrity who is often seen on Good Morning America.
There are a few more that have not committed as of yet. So we are expecting to draw some media attention.
Your members can go to our website then click on the words Photographs and Video to see what an event it turned into last year. This year is going to be bigger and better, yet still FREE to Exhibit, FREE to Attend and FREE to hear our Lectures.

Leo Mazur 
Get more information and the application forms at to download all the information including the legal form. Be sure to review each of the documents on the bottom of the page.  It is important to understand your invention should meet the requirements of the mass market.  Use the information in the information pack to make sure you're on the right track.

The deadline for submittting to us is 1/7/12 (our meeting).  If you bring it to the meeting we will review it there to make sure it is complete.  We will also take care of scanning for eletronic submission.  It would be a great help if you could do the scanning yourself though.  If you would like to submit digitally please send it to .

In spite of what was said here it is always a good idea to file at least a provisional patent before submission.