Under the "America Invents Act" (AIA), the United States is changing from a "first to invent" patent system to a "first inventor to file" patent system. This change in filing will take effect in March 2013, requiring both inventors and businesses to reconsider their patent strategies. But what does this really mean to you and your invention?

Join nationally known patent attorney Bao Tran and executive director of the UIA Mark Reyland for an Hour-long webinar full of insights into what you should be doing to adapt your patent strategy as an inventor.

We'll cover topics such as:

1. First to invent vs. first inventor to file... what's the difference?

2. What is the status of rule development and where is the USPTO in that process?

3. What should I do with my inventor notebooks and of what value are they now?

4. What are Tips & Tricks on which patents to file and the best way to file them?

5. What is the best way to write and file provisional patent applications?  
Join us for answers and information on these issues and how newly developed patent tools like ProvisionalBuilder can help inventors file high-quality patent applications quickly and affordably to meet the new timing requirements of the AIA.  ProvisionalBuilder software was designed and developed by PowerPatent Inc., a UIA certified company. 

Please register for this important educational seminar presented by ProvisionalBuilder and the United Inventors Association on Aug 30, 2012 5:00 PM PDT at: