Everyone Wins in The Shuuk Pit

This is a golden opportunity for those of you who have product with inventory to sell.

At our Annual Invention EXPO, held at the prestigious Palm Beach County Convention Center on 2/15/14 one of the events will be the Shuuk Pit which is a Shark Tank like competition run by one of our speakers Tamara Kleinberg who is the founder of TheShuuk.com.

Shuuk is Hebrew for market. In the Shuuk Pit contestants will have the opportunity to pitch their product to the founder of TheShuuk.com – testing ground for the world's coolest new products. Each 5-minute pitch is an amazing opportunity for ambitious inventors to showcase their invention and gain priceless advice from the leading voice in innovation and entrepreneurship, Tamara Kleinberg.

As the founder of The Shuuk, 100s of new inventions come across Tamara's desk and only a select few have the privilege of making it onto The Shuuk. Winning inventions from the Shuuk Pit will win the opportunity to join the ranks of inventors who make it to The Shuuk. This is your chance to shine. Audience viewing will be encouraged.

Joshua Ramsey of Strategic Point Marketing and Leo Mazur, President of the Inventors Society of South Florida, will also be on the panel.

Winners will receive:

  • First Place will receive $500.00 and 90 days on The Shuuk as a featured product including a press release about the product being on The Shuuk.
  • Second Place will receive $250.00 and 60 days on The Shuuk.
  • Third Place will receive $100.00 and 30 days on The Shuuk.
  • Runners Up will receive $75.00 each and a 24 hour trial run on The Shuuk.

To be considered please email team@TheShuuk.com the following information. Only inventors who send in complete information will be considered. There are only 5 spots available so don’t delay submission.

  • 2 – 3 images of product
  • 1 image of inventor
  • A YouTube link if you have it
  • 5 – 7 sentences about the product – what it does and who it's for.

You must submit this information no later than midnight EST on 2/3/14. Finalists will be notified by 2/5/14. Questions should be directed to team@TheShuuk.com.