10:30 am Zachary Marks was 11 years old when he developed a Safe Social Site for kids after his parents got mad at him for getting a Facebook account behind their backs. It has been a little over a year and his company just signed a Multi Million Dollar partnership with a New York Based IT firm. Grom according to the website is, "A promising young individual, who is quick to learn."

Playing for a Living

11:30 am Tim Walsh is a 21 year veteran of the $22 billion toy industry and is regarded as an international expert on the subject. He has developed many successful games such as Blurt!, TriBond and Picturific to name a few. He has written 2 bestselling books and an award winning documentary on the unknown history and inside workings of this fiercely competitive field. The knowledge he is sharing is priceless.

Klever Is Better

1:30 pm Orville Crain is one of the founders of They took a simple product, a safe box cutter, to market going through all the challenges it takes and then some. Last year the company they formed did over 3.5 Million Dollars in sales. They have developed a number of very clever products and have developed a very clever way to penetrate their market. Let his story inspirer yours.

The Art of Licensing

2:30 pm Trevor Lambert has been developing and licensing products as well as providing technology transfers since 2001. His clients products are now in stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Toys “R” Us and many more, generating  royalties in the millions of dollars.  Products range from direct response television (infomercial) to industrial products currently being commercialized by John Deere."


3:30 pm Greg Berman, CEO, is the man behind the company that links entrepreneurs, small business owners, and established companies, looking for capital and funding with willing CEOs, executives and angel investors. He has committed $100 million for a new branch of the company called ‘AngelStage’ which is investing in start-ups. Mr. Berman will explain what you need to do to make them interested in you.  



4:30 pm Gigi Stetler is an amazing woman who is the embodiment of the dynamic stamina it takes to be an entrepreneur. Not only was she figuratively stabbed in the back by the father figure mentor that started her in business but she was literally stabbed 21 times by a man she was trying to help. She is a single mom doing incredible things and she will motivate you to achieve your own success!