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Create What Companies are looking for right now and make $$$
Companies pose a challenge and if they like your solution and use it, you get paid.

There are a wide range of challenges. The site is very inventor friendly. It even allows you to retain the rights of the sponsor’s Background Intellectual Property as outlined in your proposal should you not enter into an agreement with the sponsor.   and go to the Challenges tab to see what companies are looking for.


New Mom and baby products

I know there are a lot of baby inventions out there. So here’s your chance to get it out there. New mom-to-be, Molly Sims has teamed up with Edison Nation is looking to start her own product line for new moms and their bundles of joy. Check it out here

Made In America Contest

The National Mail Order Association is running the Made In America Hot Products Contest.

Global Sources Home Products China Sourcing Fair

Global Sources is going to be in Miami from July 10th  to the 12th . If you are considering getting your product made in China here is your chance to meet face to face with various companies and take some great seminars on the subject. They have a list of exhibitors so you can make sure it is worth your while to go. Check it out and pre-register at

150 Great Sites for Start Ups.

Every new product is a startup and here is a list of almost everything you need, marketing, financing, on and on.

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