On Nov. 6th we had a meeting in our usual place.  We had 17 in attendence including 5 new members.  The highlight of the meeting was Show and Tell by 3 members.

Sydney Birr presented her SydSpeak, a talking tablet used to assist communication challenged people.  She is in full production and her sales are starting to ramp up.  She is a great example of where you can go if you stick with it.

Dr. Dave Flinchbaugh presented his Urocycler which won the DaVinci Award for a device which allows those who need to use a cathater to urinate more naturally which reduces infections.  Unscrupulus buisness partners stole his patents and business after successfully serving thousands.  He now has his US patents back and is working toward production and sales again.  We wish him better business partners this time around.  He deserves it for his humanitarian device.

Ian Alexandre presented his Fast Framing System which allows quick home framing with prefab wall framing sections.  He reported he is entering negotiations with a major builder.

Of course we all experienced the mayham of the One on One sessions where everyone talk with whomever they want.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our annual Holiday meeting in December.  Bring some goodies to share.