Here is an opportunity to use one of your throw away ideas.  Make sure you read the details because the simple act of submission gives away your rights.  The idea here is if you have an idea you don't want to spend any time developing and want a shot at getting $7,000 send it here.  Visit the website of the sponsor to see what type of stuff they are selling.  It is SCUBA diving accessories.  Entries need to be sponsored by one of ISC's retailers.  If you need to know who they are please contact me.  The company owner told me that if you have an idea which you want to keep your rights to do not submit it to the contest but submit it directly to him and it will be handled as a normal licensing arrangement.  Those type of ideas need to be more developed and have IP protection.

Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc. (ISC) wants your ideas. The Next Idea Contest (NIC) was designed to enable divers and non-divers to bring a new product or service idea to the market. We simply request that your idea promises to improve or enhance diving activities through increased utility, enjoyment, comfort, or safety. This is your opportunity to help the sport of scuba diving and possibly win a Grand Prize with value over $7,000.00 including a dive trip, products and industry recognition.

To enter the contest online, simply fill-out the Official Entry Form, electronically sign it and an email will be sent to ISC.

The Important Stuff

3. Entrant, by mailing, sending electronically, or delivering materials describing, illustrating, detailing, outlining, or laying out the Product or Service Idea to ISC, does hereby assign, transfer and convey to ISC all of the Entrant’s rights, title, and interest in and to the Product or Service Idea, including any future modifications, improvements, enlargements, or redesign thereof which may be made or caused to be made by ISC or its affiliates, officers, agents, employees.
4. Entrant agrees that regardless of whether a prize is awarded for the Product or Service Idea being submitted, ISC may utilize it by making, using, marketing and selling the Product or Service Idea in the form in which it is submitted, or in a form following further development or modification of the original submission, all without compensation or recognition to the Entrant.