Name Dawn Maree Stanley
Phone 727-230-1036 x106
Message I am organizing an event that you and your fellow Tampa Bay Inventors Council members may be interested in. The event, which will take place September 27, 2013, is called Sum of a Pitch, and is a chance to have industry experts evaluate an invention or product. Sum of a Pitch will take place at The Hotel Indigo in downtown St. Petersburg that evening. Admission is free, and the event is open to the public. For more on Sum of a Pitch, go to I would appreciate if you could pass this information along to your members, and I would love the opportunity to come by one of your meetings before the event to meet your members and answer any questions. Our panel of industry experts includes Chris Wilson who created and produced the television program The Pitchmen starring Billy Mays, Darin Dugenske who has years of experience bringing products and inventions to the market through direct response and retail outlets, and Kendall Almerico, one of the foremost crowdfunding experts in America. I would like to give you a call to discuss how Sum Of A Pitch can benefit your membership. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further, and also if I could attend one of your upcoming meetings. - Dawn Maree Stanley Harrington Multi Media Marketing Office (727) 230-1036 X 106 fax (727) 538-5203 

HM3 Marketing

ICCF - We are trying to find out if they will be coming to our September meeting.  It appears this is a stepping stone into a paid marketing service.