Mark Tellam of Innovation Engineering spoke to us about the creation process, Create Communicate Commercialization of Meaningful Unique Ideas.  He currently works for the Florida Manufacturing Extension Exchange and may be contacted at  Florida MEP is able to leverage a vast array of public and private resources and services that are available to every manufacturing enterprise in the state.  His job is connecting our universities with manufacturers to their mutual benefit.  His presentation centered around how to improve our productivity using techniques outlined in the Eureka Ranch Business Translation Workshop and "Jump Start Your Business Brain"  which may be found at

The quick summary is this:

Marketing Physics
1. Overt Benefit - What's in it for the customer
2. Real Reason to Believe - Why should they believe
3. Dramatic Difference - How is it clearly better than the state of the art.

Capitalist Creativity
1. Explore Stimulus
2. Leverage Diversity
3. Drive out Fear

Its too bad you were not here for the details but you can get the full story by listening to the book and going through the workshop for free.