Dear Inventors,

Let me extend my thanks once again for having me speak at the CFIC on
Saturday. It was great to finally meet you in person and all those who
attended the meeting of this fine group.

Here are the 3 resources that I mentioned during my talk;

1. TED MASTERS - licensed patent agent in North Carolina. Utility
patents (including technical illustration) starting at $1800
He works fast, is VERY competitive on prices and will
monitor your filing compliance, argue your case when need be and be very
insightful and thorough in building your claims. He has successfully gotten
patents for nearly hundreds of inventors all over the world. (Tell him Leigh
Martin sent you).

2. SCICON TECHNOLOGIES (SCICONTECH) -Rapid Prototype facility. Located
in Valencia, CA and WA.
Contact Jim Kelly in sales and tell him Leigh Martin from
Lightfoot Ventures sent you (I promised to recommend him). He will likely
give a discount if he knows you are part of the CFIC.
email , mobile (661) 209-0011, office
(661) 295-8630 x 192,
They do SLA, SLS, CNC, RTV Urethane and Silicone casts. Very
helpful and inexpensive. They will sign an NDA repair messed up files and
always call you back. Even on the weekends.

3. TIM MARTIN- CP, LP, FAAOP - a HIGHLY successful inventor of medical
devices who gives tax and small business & inventor coaching free access to 40 minute introductory video
of your invention, protect your assets, reduce tax burden and monetize your
idea, etc. (David Flinchbaugh and Bruce McPherson should know that Tim
Martin routinely seeks to acquire medical technologies from other

Will you be so kind as to post these or distribute this email to the group?

Have a great week and I will probably see you at the Strawberry Fest or at

Leigh Martin
Product Designer

Lightfoot Ventures, Inc.

Makers of the fabulous PerkyTail(tm)

"Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business.
Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous.
Be brave as your fathers before you.
Have faith! Go forward!"

~Thomas Edision~