On January 8th we had a good turnout with 17 in attendence.  We will be hosting an Inventor's Fair at the Orange County Library, Auguts 13th.  We will be adding a page to this site as we have more information.  Bob Jasper was not able to give his presentation on crowd funding due to illness.  John Smith - the inventor of Storm Stoppers , however, gave a great presentation on why not to patent your invention.  He has written the book on this subject and you can get it at www.dontfileapatent.com.  You can get an ICCF discount by contacting him by email at John@DontFileAPatent.com and asking for the ICCF coupon code then place the order through his site.  His 3 principles are
1. Make it
2. Cost it
3. Sell it.
He illustrated how applying your resources to getting your product to market is much more effective than wasting them on protecting your IP.  His system works best for those who plan on making a business out of thteir product and may not work for everyone but it is worth investigating.

Next month we are expecting Mark Tellam to give us an update on Eureka and Atty. Ed Alexander - will be speaking on licensing.