From Wayne Rasanen, President of TBIC

We are in the final count down with only 2 weeks left to meet our goal at Kickstarter and make a difference in the world of input technology!  We are launching the product we have developed at CES next Tuesday (The Consumer Electronics Show) and with a little help from my friends, we just might start making some really cool devices right here in the USA!  I would like to ask you to please go to our kickstarter project, watch the videos and if you can afford even just 1 dollar, please help support the cause.   

All of us have been using the same text interface (the QWERTY layout) for over 140 years and this is a project to help people think outside the box.  Besides that, the keyboard that we are building is really fun to use and an easy to type without looking.  It could help make it safer to text for people on the move and just might save someone’s live.  Help us make a difference and please support our project at and if you just can’t help at this time, please share it with all your technology minded friends or anyone who likes to text.  I really appreciate all the advice and friendship that you have shared and I promise not to ask again.  If you can help, great, if not, let’s find some other ways to change the world for the better!

I wish you a safe and wonderful 2012!