Our annual expo is Feb. 11th. It is a fantastic opportunity for your members to show their inventions for FREE!  It is on Thomas Edison’s birthday and we have his great grand niece Sarah Miller Caldicott author of “Innovate like Edison” as one of our exciting speakers.

We are expecting to draw the attention of the media. I know at least 2 people who have identified themselves to me as investors have signed up as attendees. Your members can register for the EXPO at www.inventorssociety.net . Check out our great list of speakers:

·         Striking Success With DRTV by A J Khubani  CEO/Founder of TeleBrands one of the  largest infomercial companies in the world,

·         Angel Investing by Brigadier General Dr. Richard Yules who is half of the selection committee for New World Angels, an investor organization,

·         Invent Yourself Rich by Don Brown inventor of the Original AbRoller among many other exercise and consumer products as well as the author of Invent Yourself Rich.

·         How to Effectively Pitch Your Product by Scott Hynd of Proformance Marketing an on air personality and  product scout for QVC,

·         How To Get Your Products On TV by Steve Greenberg author of Gadget Nation and TV celebrity who is often seen on Good Morning America as well as many other similar shows

·         The Power of Invention and Innovation: 5 Timeless Insights from Thomas Edison by Sarah Miller Caldicott, Thomas Edison’s great grand niece and author of Innovate like Edison.

Thank you for your time,

Leo Mazur

President of the Inventors Society of South Florida