Communication skills are essential for any successful project. I felt that this material would be useful for members in their efforts to secure funding for their projects. While digging the links up, it occurred to me that it should be a resource on the Inventor's Council site.  The has a lot of useful information.

The first link is to Guy's presentation at Stanford, it is the better presentation. A SlideRocket version of the presentation as given as SXSW is also provided which is shorter and also provides a opportunity to experience/evaluate SlideRocket, which provides a means for commercial class on-line marketing presentations. They have free and paid services. One of the benefits of the paid service is that it collects viewing metrics.

I would reccomend watching the Stanford presentation and then take a quick look at the SXSW presentation.

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki shares the secrets to being enchanting and developing influence through the "pillars of enchantment." In this funny and engaging lecture, Kawasaki examines the deep value in being likable, creating trust, and taking empowering action. He also shares keys to telling a great story, overcoming resistance, and enchanting your boss and colleagues.

How to Enchant an Audience by Guy Kawasaki

If you attended SXSW 2011 in Austin last week you could have attended Guy Kawasaki's interactive SlideRocket presentation The Art of Enchantment. If you missed it at SXSW then you can watch the on demand version in this SlideRocket web seminar. Prepare to be enchanted!