Maybe you know someone who understands the mishmash of bills etc. in congress.  There is a bill that I think hasn't passed but maybe it has.  This amendment was defeated soundly.  This  amendment would have kept first to invent.

Suggestions for first page of web site which google sees better than other pages.

Keep our jobs, innovation here.  STOP congress from gutting our patent system.  Think we have the best manufacturing,legal system, education in the world?  Probably not.  We do have the best inventors and innovations.  Why? Today  patents protect the actual inventor not just the multinational/ foreign company.  Preserve our yankee ingenuity.  Email, write, call your congressperson  Keep First to Invent don't change to First to File.

Here is the most cogent discussion I've ever seen.  I suppose these guys can have brilliant aids or maybe just those doing a master's thesis ....

We get weary from fighting this but NPR made it sound like a done deal this time.  I will mention this to John Mica next time I see him.  Do you know how to find a list of this areas congressperson's links?  Adding that to an email at least gets that out and people can send that link to everyone they know.

72 senators voted against, if I get this right- the amendment that would return First To Invent to a bill.  Has this bill passed the Senate?  The only thing this congress will do in the next two years is destroy independent inventors.  They could learn from the hippocratic oath - first do no harm.  Except who paid them to get into office?

This is the most important type thing our organization has always done.