Jim Coleman gave a good presentation on Patent basics.  He is a Patent Attorney from Riverview FL.  He also suggested using metacrawler as your search engine since it provides results from several serach engines including Google.  He is available to assist with your patent needs and can be contacted at sw.pats@earthlink.net.

Member Bob Jasper gave a presentation on Financing.  He is a business consultant and is helping several of our members monetize their projects.  He covered many varied sources of funds and discussed the effort required for each source.  He also explained each has its purpose and may or may not be appropriate for you.  Some suggestions are www.ibank.com, and www.qualitybusinesscredit.com. He may be contacted at info@theartofquality.com.

We did some preliminary organizing for our Inventor's Fair coming this August.  To make this a success we need your help.  If we all get involved this can be very high profile and get you the exposure you seek.  Think about what expertise or contacts you have which may be of benefit and let us know.  Ian Alexandre is the primary contact at FastFraming@aol.com.