The earlier listing is a notice that Edison Nation is doing casting for their season 4 Everyday Edisons.  I reviewed their casting agreement and it is not the same as their regular agreements.  I am not an attorney and am not offering legal advice but I want to make sure you read and understand their agreement.  It appears to me they take assignment of your IP forever but only pay you royalties for 20 years.  That may be a good deal for you.  But they also maintain control of your IP for 5 years even if they do not evern attempt to commercialize it.  At the end of 5 years if they have not commercialized it at all you have the option of getting your IP back and that's it.  In essence they can tie up your IP for 5 years with no renummeration to you.  Now they could only marginally commercialize it over 5 years and then you do not have any option of getting your IP back at all.

To be sure you do have the option to get out before your idea goes to final consideration.  They are also conidered a reputable organization and are not likely to select your IP unless it has promise.  It is also in their best interest to succeed in commercializing your IP because that is how they make money.  But their contract clearly states they do not even have to try to commercialize your IP.  Also, unlike their normal agreement, you do not get $2500 up front.  You will get a most expenses paid trip to Charlotte NC if you are selected for TV.

See the pevious post for a link to Edison Nation.