I just finished the $1500 (for 2 people) 3 day Daymond John Academy class.  They have a first day free policy after you have paid the fee.  That is if you are not satisfied at the end of the first day you can get a complete refund.  I stayed.  I feel it was a worthwhile experience.  They pretty much did what they said they would.  They outlined the things you would need to do to create a successful, scaleable, sustainable business.  If someone really wanted to dive into the big corporation world this is a good initiation.  They did not, however, detail specifically how to do things other than the pitching for cash.  Mostly they suggested hiring the work done.  This makes some sense since that is the way it would have to be done once scaled.  I figure this class was mostly for those who have a decent start in business and want to find out how to go big.  I did find out I did make some mistakes about building business credit for going big.  But then again I had decided long ago I did not want to go big.
The networking opportunity was nice and I made a couple strategic connections with others attending the seminar.  The pitching for cash part was quite helpful but there were about 70 people there (approximately 40 companies with 2 attendees each) and only 10 were able to do their pitch in front of the group.  They ran over about 1.5 hours each day.  I typed about 20 pages of notes and we left with a booklet with over 150 pages of power points and forms and access to their website with digital versions of the same.  If one acted on all the stuff presented they would either go broke or become a millionaire.
They did pitch additional services running from $12.5K to 40K which included marketing plans, business plans, and mentorship by DJ big wigs and quite a few took the bait.  I suspect they will be happy with the results.  They defined entrepreneurship as "affordable next steps".  So if you can afford that step and want to go there it is likely a great investment.

More information can be found at: http://www.daymondjohnacademy.com/