Sorry I got this posted after the event but I expect the show will have additional episodes. (editor)

Saturday's 8/18/2012 My Cool Inventions Radio Show Is About What's in a Name? Why Your Invention's Name Needs Protection!
You've gone through the process of producing your invention and you come up with a pretty cool what do you do? You need to protect it with a trademark! By getting a trademark you show the world that you own it and that gives you the ability to enforce your rights.  On Saturday we'll be talking to our special guest Trademark Attorney, Andy Spivak, with the Mosaic Legal Group.

We'll cover the trademark basics and questions like these:
How do you protect your name?
Can you protect your name on the internet with a trademark?
What happens if someone tries to use your name?
If you have questions during the show please feel free to call our toll free number for inventors 1-800-969-9352
In the My Cool Inventions Radio 'Inventor's and Their Cool Inventions' part of the show it's all about 'The Pitch'! We'll be featuring 3 inventions, the Doorman, the Electra Base and the G Midifier. You will have the chance to vote on the inventor's pitch and success right on the website ( or you can text your vote to the number 22333 and use the key word for the invention you chose! it's going to be a great show!
News from the Show's Producer:
Welcome to our new My Cool Inventions Radio Network affiliate News Talk WNTP 990 AM, in Philadelphia! We look forward to having them join us in another region of the country known for inventions!
If you listened to the last 2 weeks you know we've added a new segment on My Cool Inventions Radio called 'Radio Shop'! You've heard the inventors now it's your turn to hear the 'Pitchmen' of the show...Akos and John...pitch a product to you from our official online store, www.MyCoolGadgets.Com. You'll be able to order the item during the segment. It's during the last 5 minutes of the show! Have fun!
Don't forget you can watch the entire My Cool Inventions Radio show online by clicking on the MCI LIVE link on our website! Not only do you get to see the show behind the scenes you also get to see the inventions that are being talked about during the show!
We hope you'll be able to listen Saturday at 4 pm eastern on 970 WFLA, In Tampa, on News Talk WNTP 990 AM, in Philadelphia, and nationwide on iHeartRadio.Com! Call in your questions to our Toll Free Inventors line 1-800-969-9352 available during the show!