Do you know any entrepreneur who would be interested in learning how to either build a highly profitable company or take their current business to the next level?

As you know I am a successful serial entrepreneur and have been helping entrepreneurs build highly profitable companies for years.  With all my life experiences I have decided to build a very high value real deal tangible training course for entrepreneurs.  You can see my first “information test” training videos (that I am going to be redoing) at   I have received high praise on the content. Know these “information test” videos are done only to go onto YouTube for SEO purposes, the content will be included in the training course but only skim the surface of the depth of training that will be in this course.

The course I am building is called “Building a Highly Profitable Company” and will teach entrepreneurs the seven primary disciplines they need to build highly profitable companies or take their current business to the next level.

In my effort to build an extremely valuable course for entrepreneurs, I am seeking an eclectic group of twenty entrepreneurs (note: I am limiting this to twenty) who will help critique my training course as I am building it.  I wish this training course to be consumable and actionable by the entrepreneurs so they receive great value from the course.  I have so much experience and knowledge I inadvertently often find myself sharing information over the entrepreneur’s level of knowledge without realizing it.  Hence the need for the eclectic group to critique the course to insure the content is easily understandable by entrepreneurs of various skill levels and abilities.  This will result in a very high value course for everyone.  I estimate building and critiquing this course will take twelve weeks.

During this time the entrepreneurs will receive once or twice a week a link to the next online one hour training video to watch at the time of their choosing.  After they watch the video they will then send me their comments via email and I will compile everyone’s responses. We will then hold a conference call for approximately one hour so everyone can immediately benefit from each other’s comments and ideas.  The time of this call will be agreed upon by the group.  In addition every entrepreneur will have access to me for coaching and mentoring during the time we take to complete the course.  I estimate the entrepreneur will need 3 – 5 hours a week for this training.

1st BONUS - I will give the participating entrepreneurs an additional six weeks of coaching after we have finished completing the course.  The value of this is over $6,000 based on my normal rates.

The combination of building the course and 1st Bonus will be approximately eighteen weeks of high value training, coaching and mentoring, plus access to the finished online course material indefinitely. 

2nd BONUS – I will give each participating entrepreneur a copy of my newly revised book which has more than twice the content of extremely high value information than the original issue.  The book is called “Raising Capital Quickly”.  This will be coming off the presses sometime in May, so the entrepreneurs will receive a first edition.  This book will be selling for $47 and is priceless.  The original issue is still available as a free download.

My normal fee for training a client to this level over twelve weeks would be over $30,000.  In exchange for this training, plus the two bonuses worth over $6,000 and to insure they truly critique the course material, I require each entrepreneur to pay $1,000 and provide a video testimonial of their honest opinion on the value of the completed course. 

This is open to any entrepreneur starting, building or taking their business to the next level.  This is a first come, first served opportunity and I expect it will fill very quickly.

In addition, I am including a money back guarantee to any participant who feels after the course is complete that they have not received more than $1,000 value in this course.

FYI – I am also building to help capitalize investable grade entrepreneurial businesses and have completed building syndication relationships with numerous Angel networks nationwide.

Best Regards,
William C De Temple
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